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Instructions on how to complete the form

  • (1) The company’s Social Security registration number or Employer identification number.
  • (2) Number of employees declared on Social Security form TC2. If the payment is made six-monthly, the average no. of employees.
  • (3) Work Accidents and Occupational Illnesses Base declared on Social Security form TC2, if the payment is made monthly, or the sum for the six-month period if the payment is made six-monthly.
  • (4) Percentage rate to be applied to the WA and OI base to calculate the fee. For 2023 this percentage rate is 0.35%.
  • (5) Period to which payment of the fee corresponds. If the payment is made six-monthly, it must cover the previous six months (January to June or July to December). If it is made monthly, it must cover the month prior to the month in which payment is made. If arrears are being paid, they must cover FROM the first UNTIL the last month to which the payment being made corresponds.
  • (6) S or M, depending on whether you have decided (and sent advance written notification to the FLC - Construction Labour Foundation) to make the payment six-monthly or monthly.
  • (7) To be completed only if the payment is made after the deadline, in accordance with Social Security regulations in force. The rate to be applied will be that applied by the Social Security.